How Milan Fashion Week Summer 2024 Could Be More Inspiring?

Milan Fashion Week

Each season I am trying to discover How Milan Fashion Week Summer 2024 Could Be More Inspiring?

For Spring/summer 2024 I am looking for new designers to cover. If you didn’t read my blogs NYFW & can we get something new in fashion link here. Then you will understand the need to branch out and discover new designers.

In my NYFW Spring/Summer 2024 blog I hinted on the topic of how many of our long standing designers are handing over their house to younger artists as they age out of what the younger customer wants.

I mean honestly how many more seasons will our beloved Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or Badgley Mischka have before they hands over the reigns like Vivienne Westwood, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera and many others have.

How Seasoned Designers Can Still Be Relevant

Older designers have clients that have aged with them and yet they insist on using models a quarter of our age! Why is that?

If you are a designer that speaks to a more seasoned clientele, can we at least see a few models our age. It would make the collection more relatable and easier to see working into our wardrobe.

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Trends for Spring/Summer 2024

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*first time covering


The Attico *

They gave what they were supposed to give with this collection. Beyond sexy streetwear with an edgy vibe.

OBSESSED with the heels and boots. Stand back 30-somethings because us older ladies are going to grabbing everything.

The denim cargo pants that put The Attico on the fashion radar is there and still looking fresh for 2024. Loved the color ways they selected and the 40s inspired jackets are EVERYTHING!

Being my first time covering this brand I have to ask, what have I been missing? It’s definitely a brand I will follow going forward.

Alberta Ferretti

Easy, relaxed and effortless are the first words I could think of when watching the show.

Caftans, pajamas, and lots of shirts including shirt dresses were the pieces I gravitated to the most. It was giving me sandy dessert, I want to lounge in the dessert of Dubai vibes.

The suits are amazing and the dark grey sleeveless vest with the trousers DYING!

The shoes and bags are perfect for the summer 2024. I am living for the architectural element of the wedge heels on the strappy leather sandals as well as the white woven clutch and bucket bag.

The collection is very neutral with whites, creams beige and sand. The real pop in the color palette is the unexpected for spring: cranberry. The floral prints are stunning and the blue and white stripes feels like summer.

The sheer pieces are done in the right way with class and sophistication. For spring/summer 2024, Alberta gives us a few transitional pieces with trench coats, blazers and trousers.

That magenta goddess gown with the brief underpinning, halter and metal ring details is EVERYTHING!

Perfect to update your staples with a few innovative designs like the updated woven pieces with fringe details thrown in. All in all a successful collection.

Armani Privé


Bottega Veneta

Had to keep in mind that Bottega is known for it leathers (woven) as the beginning of the collection feels a bit heavy for summer. Even the true summer staples, bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops all feel weighty.

The great news is there are some amazing transitional pieces; the wool chevron coats with fringe accents are STUNNING.

Many of the bags that BV are known for are been there done that. They are showing their popular designs with a little tweak like a different colored handle or in a new colored leather.

LIVING for the blue and white fringe bubble hem dress and the multi-colored leather knee-length “car wash” skirt, YAS PLEASE! The matching jacket is nice, but the skirt is amazing.

It’s very Italian in the styling. The Italians love to look severely chic with a daring edge. I thought the collection has some very sellable pieces but it wasn’t a thrill a minute. Would have liked a few more lighter fabrics.




I LOVE me a good Diesel show. I am always super excited before the show begins because it’s always fun, SEXY, innovative, and overall incredible.

Now on with the show…

Hang on, before I dive in I want to say that the build up is really great, I’M PUMPED. I hope the collection lives up to the intro.

OK, now let’s really begin…

Showing the brands POV, as always. Glenn Martens, Creative Director, put his own spin on the trends of lace and fringe by using a shredding technique. GENIUS! It’s Mad Max for 2024 with its apocalyptic vibe.

The oversized denim cargo pants are going to make The Attico run for the hills at the register! There are some real bangers like the black Diesel logo skirt paired with the latex printed t-shirt, and the oversized puffy shoulder multi-colored shredded denim jacket.

Don’t know how I feel about the dresses with the bathing suits details. On the 1 hand I love the innovation, but on the other, how many of us are running out to purchase them? I will have to see them styled outside of the runway.

The collection has some great sellable pieces, but truly it was the bags that won my heart. Add them all to cart NOW!

Oh wait… did it live up to the intro hype? I’ve seen better from the brand.


Beginning of the collection is in the trending all black and white. Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director elevated the classic office attire staple for summer 2024 with new cuts and prints.

As I’ve said in past fashion month blogs, It’s tough to pull off a mostly all black or white collection but this one is a winner. The few additional colors are aubergine and beige.

It’s a solid collection with a million items that will be dropped into carts around the world! The bags are divine and the flat and kitten heel, ankle strap shoes are IT!

My favorite piece is the black sheer paneled day dress with the layered ruffle skirt, bateau neckline and briefs. The sand ombre shredded chiffon skirt with the one sleeve button down shirt is ALL THAT! Woah the lace trench coats, YAS!

I believe Maria and the brand are going in the right direction. Gone are the uninspiring designs of the past few seasons. Dior is back to the good old days of stunning, chic, but sexy pieces, and accessories the fashionistas will be clamoring over!

Dolce & Gabbana

Right out of the gate I am in love (see the thumbnail)! Let’s hope the rest is just as incredible

OK, back to it…

I am watching the collections alphabetically and this is the fist show I am saying less than a minute in, I WANT IT ALL!

Most of the collection is black but not in the same way as summer 2023 with goth elements. This feel light, fresh and highly covetable. OK if you want to add something outside of black and white why not throw in leopard print: I APPROVE!

Loving their version of the lingerie trends with garters and a ton of sheer. It’s 50s lingerie inspired, but for summer 2024! I love me a good peter pan collar and done in white to offset the black is gorgeous. It’s sweet, but still edgy: its what Dolce Gabbana are known for.

These looks are going to be all over the streets of Italy. Italian women are not afraid to be daring. These looks fit right into the Italian woman’s aesthetic.

Don’t sleep on the shoes, boots, bags, and other accessories like the sunglasses and hats. The boys still have it. They know exactly what the modern woman wants and how she wants to dress. Their is something for everyone here from the targeted 30-somethings to my age and beyond!

Not a fan of the natural colored fur cape; feels a bit out of place. However, there are great transitional jackets & coats. Obsessed with the all rain jackets and plastic hair scarves.

I loved the non-traditional bridal designs and the one shoulder blazer with the white button down shirt look. Yes, it’s been done before but somehow it caught my attention.

I can’t really find anything negative to say (outside of the fur cape). I believe every age can find something to relate to. Even though most of the designs are lingerie inspired it didn’t get boring seeing the looks come down the runway!


First, you should know the video DSquared2 put up on YouTube was unavailable to be watched outside of the platform due to the racy content of the show.

For Summer 2024 Dean and Dan sexed up the preppy style, but in an Italian streetwear way. We’ve seen edgy preppy before but porn level sexy but still chic is MASTERFUL!

The pleated uber mini skirt with the color blocking and logo is to die for! I always drool over the accessories they style their looks with. Naturally the bags are NEXT LEVEL, but it’s the boxer style high heeled sandals that SLAP!

I mean who else is still doing the trucker hats (its the one of the brands signatures) and making it a must have item? Only DSquared2 can pull that off

OMG did they really do a pink argyle pattern on a sheer bodysuit under a pink and black tweed cropped jacket and uber mini skirt suit? OBSESSED!

Now that was a show that gave what it was supposed to give. Sellable pieces but nothing like you already have in your wardrobe. GIVE IT ALL TO ME NOW PLEASE!

Elisabetta Franchi *

Looking for new designers, I discovered Elisabetta. I believe she created a solid collection with some real sellable items. The designs are simple and uncomplicated.

Will we be running to get on the waitlist for these pieces? I don’t know, at the moment it all seems done to death. Will keep following her to see how she gets on. I see the potential but hopefully next season she will still be around and posting on YouTube. She has the skill, she just needs a bit more innovation in her silhouettes and designs.

I am in love with the beaded pieces, the short shorts, and the boots, high and low.

Emporio Armani

Normally, in the first few minutes of a runway show, I have something to write about. This collection feels a bit done already in the silhouettes. What’s new for summer 2024 is the fabrication, and the overall feel of being in the dessert.

There are some winners, like the large-weave, colorful bags, colorful beaded jewelry, and well-constructed jackets. I enjoyed the soft color palette of purples, blues, mint green, and greys.

When it went into the saturated jewel tone pinks, blues, and purples, I got excited. The entire collection is relaxed and has a summer ease about it. However, I am not sure how many pieces will be flying out of the store.


The prints, as with every Etro collection, are extremely captivating. What got me most excited were the denim looks and bags.

It’s what you expect from a high-end Italian brand: sexy, strong, and chic. Its all there for you in this collection. Amazing dresses, sweaters, blouses, and even the jewelry and shoes are showstoppers.

I love the long fishtail-hemmed skirts, but did you see the green buttons down the back of the denim one? LIVING!


Right out the gate Kim Jones, Creative Director, takes you on a thrill rides with his designs. The color blocking is masterfully done. Although the runway seems a bit somber there is a lightness to each piece.

The greys with pops of fully saturated reds and soft blues and vibrant oranges is EVENTYTHING!

Of course the bags and shoes the brand is known for are beautiful. Put it all in my cart please!

I love a chain detail down the back and Fendi did it in a modern and classy way. Naturally, the leather pieces steal the show, but it’s the other accessories that stole my heart. The gloves, shoes jewelry, and sunglasses

Even a simple pair of leather shorts, that you probably already have in your closet, Fendi will have you run to the store to get their latest pair. It’s what you want from a great Fendi collection. Must have, innovative designs with updated staples.


Another Italian brand known for it’s leathers. For Maximilian Davis, Creative Director’s second collection for the house, my mind is racing with all the pieces I am in love with.

Kelly green, beige, black, and reds including cranberry are the main colors of the collection. The bags and shoes are yummy!

This collection is the perfect show for summer 2024. Occasionally a brand that is known for their accessories forgets they are a fashion house. Ferragamo reminds us that the clothes should not be a secondary thought to your brand. Equal attention should be paid to the clothing designs as the shoes and bags.

I am throwing elbows to get that short sleeved ruched white dress with the black fringe accents! From the menswear to the sexy sandals, ADD ALL TO CART!

If I had to pick a complaint: , I wish they had chosen a different thumbnail image for their video. Not that the model isn’t beautiful, she just doesn’t look happy.

Giada *

It’s a long video; however, the beginning, is an interview with Gabriele Colangelo, Designer, about his inspiration for the collection. There are also interviews with the hair and makeup leaders as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

Runway starts 27:00

This is a brand that definitely caters to a seasoned clientele. But alas, no older models. The basics are gorgeous, like the brown leather trousers, blazers, and the knit sweater dresses.

The bags are a solid win, and the color palette of neutrals, dusty greens, and soft yellows is just right for summer 2024.

Was it the most innovative collection I have ever seen? No, but there are definitely some must-have pieces. Don’t be fooled; the runway is only 10 minutes. The remainder of the video is speeches.

Giorgio Armani

I usually know what to expect from an Armani collection. Every season, Mr. Armani shocks me with his high level of elegance and new designs. Even a simple bandeau top is updated and fresh.

He always pushes his designs forward, but never so far out of the box for his core customers. The color palette is awesome. I am obsessed with the true gold, saturated blues, and greens.

I need everything, from the bags, shoes, and jewelry to every jacket, dress, and trouser. Those crisscross belts in every color are going to be EVERYWHERE next summer.

There are too many incredible pieces for me to single out any one design. However, that multicolored bolero jacket has me spinning! Going to go broke trying to get everything in this collection!

Comparing the 2 collections (Emporio), I have to say the Giorgio collection is more my taste. And that’s not because the Giorgio customer is closer to my age, because there is something for women of every age.


Giorgio Armani Privé – One Night Only event in Venice

I won’t review this collection because it was created just to enjoy the luxury couture pieces!

Gucci Ancora

This is Sabato De Sarno, Creative Director’s, highly anticipated debut collection for the house of Gucci. For his debut collection, Sabato named it Gucci Ancora, which translates to “again” or “still” in Italian—a message of rekindled love for the brand.

After struggling for a few seasons, hence the need for a new creative director, the brand feels like its old self. Fashionistas love Gucci for the classics they can update in their wardrobe each season.

I am fighting you all for the patent leather cranberry crocodile-printed pencil skirt, the soft grey hoodie, and many other pieces from the show (head to toe).

Speaking of cranberry, it is the feature color of the collection (mixed with the chartreuse, DECEASED). They even changed the Gucci logo on YouTube to cranberry. The other colors in the collection are amazing, like the different shades of blue, red, and pink.

Don’t forget, Gucci is known for their leather and accessories, so all the bags and stacked platform loafers are NEXT LEVEL!

In my opinion there was not a single misstep in the show. Everything felt intentional and like I NEED IT ALL IN MY CLOSET NOW vibe!

Jil Sander

Known for their classic designs and luxury fabrics, Jil Sander did what was needed for summer 2024. Lucie and Luke Meier, Designers, kept to the brand POV, but still gave us something inspiring to wear. Nothing complicated, just relaxed, chic designs.

What is a luxury Italian brand without it’s leathers? They did not let us down in that department. However, some of the pieces were a miss for me—not naming names, lol!

Max Mara

Sophisticated, tailored elegance are the first words that come to mind, only 2-minutes in! The colors Ian Griffiths, Creative Director, used like the pinks, greens, purples, and blues felt refreshing and spirited.

Yes, the neutrals are represented and the pieces are timeless and cool.

From the transitional trenches to the short shorts, everything is there for your summer 2024 staples.


Filippo Grazioli, Creative Director, has had some success since taking the reigns in 2022. For spring/summer 2024, I believe he hit it out of the park again.

Doing the lingerie trend his way, with a definite Italian streetwear feel. Like mixing sheer colorful bodysuits and layering a white sheer sequin skirt. GENIUS!

How many times have you seen a sophisticated Italian woman wearing black stockings? It’s sexy, right? I do however take issue with designers who create a design that not even a model can walk in.

When I say I will fight for a piece, that is to say brands manufacture a limited amount of sizes per country. So getting a piece in a size 0-2 (my size) will be tough. Those are the sizes that sell out first.

That being said, I will jump a bitch trying to take those beige sheer, with yellow and white knit low-slung pants with the tassel details. LOL! Actually I want all the pants in my cart.

You can’t talk about Missoni without talking about color. Their signature multicolored chevron knits were noticeably absent. For summer 2024, they featured a lot of orange, yellow, and neutrals.

Although it was a beautiful collection with a few hits, I have seen better from the brand. My suggestion is to bring back a few elements that made the house famous and get customers to the register. Outside of the pants I am not seeing a lot of this collection making it to the streets of any city.

Moschino 40 Years of Love

Runway starts at 14:12

From the colorful patchwork skirts to the black knit hats with crystal accents, the models look like they are having the time of their lives!

40 Years of Love features designs from four esteemed stylists and friends of the House: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Lucia Liu, and Katie Grand

They gave us a ton of items that fashionistas will be talking about until next summer. I believe the stylists presented some of Jeremy Scott, former Creative Director’s greatest hits. From his 90s grunge, uber-sexy, fun, funky era with his namesake label to the luxury glamour of old Hollywood.

Like I say each season, don’t get so lost in the show that you sleep on the bags, shoes, and accessories, ok?! Looking forward to what the house will do next without Jeremy.

MM6 Maison Margiela

I love the relaxed sophistication of this collection. When I think of MM6 severe edge comes to mind. But for summer 2024, every piece is an approachable must have.

The hard edge of the brand is seen through the color palette. Only occasionally are you seeing pops of color outside of black, white and blue, like mint green, tan and grey. The accessories are nice but no true stand out pieces.

Naturally, there are beautiful transitional leathers; I mean, it is Italy after all. The perfect collection to update those staples and get a few new of-the-moment pieces like oversized coats and pants.

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons present Prada

I could be wrong, but did you get a Hitchcock The Birds vibe? I mean, like Kim Novack from that era. Maybe it was the haunting music, but that’s what it was giving me.

The extended shoulder silhouette is very reminiscent of the 40s, but elevated for summer 2024 by paring the jackets with lingerie inspired pieces. Such a great silhouette for all body types, nipping in the waist

We all die for Prada bags and shoes, and this season was no exception. From the patent leather brogues to the candy confection slides ADD TO CART PLEASE! Even the belts sunglasses and jewelry are must haves.

Not a single misstep in the show from the fringe to the pillow soft silk and chiffon day dresses.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

It’s a solid collection with beautifully constructed garments. Another collection you can turn to in order to update your staple pieces. The color palette hits all the trends of grey, beige, white, and neutrals.

I would have liked to see a bit more innovation. That being said there are a ton of pieces we fashionistas will be adding to our cart. I am living for the striped pieces and the open back grey dress is a BANGER!

Roberto Cavalli Paradise

Magentas and pinks kick off the collection with a bang! The designs are FIERECE and what Cavalli is known for. Sexy pieces for the club/stage and over sexy styles that only Cookie from Empire could pull off in the office.

The brand leans to the 70s for inspiration and tries to make it work for 2024. All of the shoes had me hello! Not a fan of the mesh pieces with the weird bra cups.

Upon further reflection if the brand continues to stick to this 70s feel season after season will they still be relevant? Will I still be covering this brand a year or two from now.

You know fashion one day your in and the next day you are out! Mr. Cavalli has had a good run, but I fear his days may be numbered unless he hands the reigns to a younger creative.


Yes Sportmax, this is exactly what was so needed for Milan Fashion Week. So many designers played it safe and just refreshed their archived designs.

Not here! We see true innovation in cuts and style. Sportmax is known for their well constructed streetwear, but this collection is very fashion forward.

Most of the collection they did in white with a few added pops like purple, silver, cream, soft orange, and yellow. The shoes felt very Prada from many seasons ago but it was ok because the focus was really the designs.

That being said many of the looks I couldn’t pull off head to toe but if you break them up I’m all in. The mint green pencil skirt in a material I don’t recognize is BRILLANT! OBSESSED with those pill shaped handbags.

This is high street fashion but you can find pieces that will work in your every day life from the office to picking up your kids.


Yet another brand known for it’s leather accessories; which are amazing for summer 2024.

Walter Chiapponi, Creative Director, didn’t forget the garments which are impeccably tailored and Italian chic.

There is something for everyone. Yes, you can update your staples, but you can also get innovative designs like the crochet knit dresses and sleeveless sweaters.

The colors of the collection are what will be trending for summer 2024: neutrals, like tan, sand, beige and cream. The neon green was refreshing and they created incredible trench coats because its a signature for the brand.

I am once again throwing elbows to get every flat fanny pack with the gloves attached and the gaucho pants are super cute especially in leather!


** This section may change depending on the city

Classic Summer Staples

  • Woven pieces including leather, tassels, and fringe are still in rotation
  • Everyone loves a white shirt but for summer 2024 it’s all about off the shoulder styles and oversized but tailored

Carryover from Spring/Summer 2023

  • Keep it tight because the sheer trend has real staying power for spring/summer 2024. With sheer becoming a real staple, lingerie is the natural next step in fashion.
  • Gloves in leather are a staple for Italian style. Perfect as as you transition from winter to spring.

What’s New for the Season

  • Soft grey is EVERYWHERE. Cranberry was an unexpected color for spring/summer. But what surprised me most was the number of designers that did black and white designs. Bring new life to the classic uniform.
  • A few designers used knit skull caps as a transitional piece which is fresh.
  • Clutch bags in every size, color and fabrication.
  • Strong shoulders 40s style with nipped waist jackets
  • Underwear as outerwear has been done since Madonna was “Like a Virgin” so it was time for lingerie-inspired designs to make a comeback. Everything from vintage to modern interpretations.

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