Paris Fashion Week A/W 2022 is My Favorite Fashion of All


Paris Fashion Week A/W 2022 is MY FAVORITE FASHION OF ALL!! If you know anything about the history of fashion you know Paris was THE FASHION INSPIRATION FOR CENTURIES!

Long before New York, Paris’ Haute Couture dictated the vision for ready to wear.

Designers like Halston, Anne Klein, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera & Donna Karan were some of the pioneers that put America on the fashion map.

It’s been more than 50 years since anyone has given the Americans a run for their money, but I believe PARIS IS THE CITY TO LOOK TO FOR INCREDIBLE FASHION IN 2022!! Many ready to wear designers are now using Paris streetwear to inspire their creations.

I am omitting “In My Cart” section you’ve seen in previous fashion reviews. For Paris, it’s easier to just say as a blanket statement… EVERYTHING GOES IN THE CART!! If it’s a collection that’s not my vibe, then I will keep in that section & let you know what I would add to my closet.

Next, I would like to say for A/W 2022 PARIS = GOWNS! Everything from train length mermaid styles, to sparkling columns. Paris dry cleaners are going to MAKE BANK as unclean as the streets of Paris are, lol!!

Finally, before I get the ball rolling. My OLD ASS, jumped up & down every time an 80s SUPERMODEL (my era) walked in the Paris shows (see below ⬇️) And by the way, THESE BITCHES DON’T AGE!! Like a fine wine, they ALL got better with age 🤯

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Christian Dior

SIGNATURE: Parisienne chic WITH EDGE!

WHAT’S NEW: This is the best collection Maria Grazia Chiuri has done for many seasons, in my opinion: MAJOR!!! I knew it would be a good when the first look was a replica of Alexander McQueen for Givenchy‘s catsuit with GLOW IN THE DARK.

To sum up the collection in a word, PLEATS! Like every season, trends were present: strong shoulders, oversized silhouettes, corsets, opera gloves, etc.

The other Dior A/W 2022 goodies were:

  • Athleisure details on classic cuts
  • Bold colorful trouser socks to extend the athleisure vibe
  • Asymmetric pleated skirt suits
  • 90s houndstooth IS BACK HELLO!!
  • Dior version of waxed denim is amazing
  • EVERY kitten heel, glove, & headband is NEXT LEVEL!

Saint Laurent

WAIT… Tour Eiffel sparkling white as a backdrop in a glass wall room… DECEASED!

SIGNATURE: Yves Saint Laurent put tuxedos for women INTO HISTORY! The brand even named their signature fragrance TUXEDO. Naturally, for A/W 2022 the runway started with an updated version of the classic tuxedo & stunning signature YSL outerwear.

After a few looks my mind immediately went to 80s LUXURY FASHION. Not logo overkill but what made 80s fashion SHINE like; big, bold bangle bracelets & chandelier earrings, RICH TEXTILES like silks & YSL signature leather + REAL FUR, YAY!!

WHAT’S NEW: We were gifted with more evening/red carpet than ready to wear. SUPERMODEL ALERT: Amber Valetta as the first sm to walk in Paris was PERFECT. Made my heart sing to see the finale look was a beautiful tuxedo, BRAVA!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022


SIGNATURE: AVANT-GARDE Parisienne designs

WHAT’S NEW: The reflective set design was COOL AF!

Experimenting with exaggerated shapes, like squares & triangles for outerwear, WHAT?!

LIVING for the cracked pleather + THE SWEETEST cutout detail on many pieces will DEFINITELY REFRESH YOUR CLOSET! For A/W 2022 Courrèges NAILED IT!!

The Row

SIGNATURE: I’ve never covered The Row, because like The Olsen twins’ brand the runway/presentations are HIGH-END EXCLUSIVE! Hence no video for this collection.

The Row’s signature is MODERN LUXURY READY TO WEAR for men & women. Since the ladies grew up during the 90s & developed their styles at that time, the Goth trend has always been a part of their brand.

WHAT’S NEW: The A/W 2022 collection are the staples the brand has been designing from the beginning. Trends like layers, goth, pleats, etc. have always been core inspirations for Mary Kate & Ashley.

Of course, for A/W 2022 there are updated fabrics & a few more oversized silhouettes but TRULY THE ROW!

Look Book HERE


SIGNATURE: Rochas dresses THE IT GIRLS of Paris

WHAT’S NEW: GOTH TREND is the A/W 2022 Rochas inspiration. Not just in the color palette, but the overall feel of the collection.

When Rochas takes on a trends they do it in their way; like the harem style pants, faux fur skirts + pleats, pleats & MORE PLEATS.

LIVING for the extra long nails & holo pleated textile

Dries Van Noten

SIGNATURE: My advice is WATCH THE VIDEO! Everything you need to know about the brand, from their signature to the future vision of the brand is voiced elegantly in the presentation!

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 the brand opted for an EXHIBITION STYLE presentation instead of a runway.

Looking over my notes, I summed up my review of the collection with 2 words HOLY FUCK!! These designs ARE EVERYTHING!!


SIGNATURE: I want to be brief in my reviews where I can. If you don’t know Balmain, then YOU DON’T KNOW FASHION, PERIOD!!

Olivier Rousteing designs INNOVATIVE SEXY pieces that you purchase purely for the art. Another Balmain signature is NEXT LEVEL accessories & KILLER footwear like A/W 2022s SKYSCRAPPING PLATFORMS!! I mean check out Olivier’s in the video thumbnail, lol.

WHAT’S NEW: Balmain IS NEW!! The brand delivers the AVANT-GARDE ARTISTIC FASHION Paris has been known for throughout history. AND how ready to wear get’s its inspiration!

I could drone on all day about how much I LOVE THIS COLLECTION but, I will just say, the lip jewelry is BEYOND + DYING for the white/gold looks.

Thursday, March 3, 2022



WHAT’S NEW: To know me is to know I LOVE GLASS, so the mostly glass venue was perfect! The simple sand set allowed the focus to be on the clothes in spite of the STUNNING SPACE.

Gabriela Hearst thoughtfully revived the poncho & gave us more leather than past seasons; like the long racer top column dresses over wide leg trousers LIVING.

Represented trends are:

  • LEATHER because you can’t create Goth without it
  • RUFFLES added to pieces like trench coats
  • LAMB/SHEARLING for designs like long vest & oversized coat
  • HIKING BOOTS representing lug soles
  • COLUMN SILHOUETTES for designs such as the striped knit dress & turtleneck 2 piece BEYOND


Rick Owens


You may not think Rick Owens is a designer I would wear, but something about Rick’s art SPEAKS TO ME!

WHAT’S NEW: The runway show had some models carrying smoke machines to give a FANTASTICAL MOMENT. However, it made it difficult to see the details of some looks.

For A/W 2002 THE SIGNATURE THIGH HIGHS are a combination clear chunky heel sandal, meets lambswool zippered gladiator boot top DECEASED!!!

Love the architectural sequin gown series.

Isabel Marant

SIGNATURE: Again, trying to be brief where I can. The Isabel Marant brand is LUX HIPSTER!

WHAT’S NEW: Leather overalls paired with a sweater & tucked into tonal thigh high leather boots YAS!!

Represented trends are:

  • Oversized outerwear & blazer
  • Shearling/Lambswool
  • Leathers
  • Cutouts

Friday, March 4, 2022


SIGNATURE: Artistic young women that crave ONE OF A KIND garments.

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 everyday objects became more than inspiration, they became part of the design. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT, but toy cars, stiletto pumps & other items were sewn right into the garment #mindblown

Jonathan Anderson also gave us more STIFF STRUCTURED pieces than past seasons.

IN MY CART: I am adding this section because Loewe A/W 2022 DOESN’T VIBE WITH MY AGE GROUP. However, I do enjoy seeing what Loewe creates each season and you can always find some ITEMS TO BOOST A TIRED WARDROBE:

  • Faux fur pelt mini skirts as an updated layering piece
  • Silver ribbon stiletto sandals
  • Cape with painted lapels
  • Moon boots
  • Chocolate trousers with pull details paired with cropped button down cardigan

Issey Miyake

SIGNATURE: THE MASTER uses his Japanese heart to create. It’s THE PERFECT INTERSECTION of Japan meets Paris with complex yet easy pieces. YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEEDED IN YOUR CLOSET UNTIL MIYAKE CREATED IT!!!

The Issey Miyake brand DEFINED DOPAMINE DRESSING before it was a trend.

Every season the designer envisions a shape & designs his entire collection around it. Like the end title of the presentation states… [he] SOWs (sews) IT and LET(‘S) IT GROW.

Like a Hitchcock movie you search for the current season’s shape when it’s not obvious in the piece. For A/W 2022 the shapes Miyake-san selected were his take on the circle & a wave

WHAT’S NEW: I just said it above, lol. I LOVE when he decides to do a presentation instead of a runway because we get INTO THE MIND OF THE GENIUS. To have the privilege, to witness the vision & decisions when he BIRTHS A NEW DESIGN!!

When he takes his current season’s shape & explores all the different ways he can use it WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Like taking a classic sweater & CREATE IT BASED SOLEY ON THE THE SHAPE IS NEXT LEVEL!!

Final word… DELICIOUS!!!!

Nina Ricci

SIGNATURE: Classic, CORE PIECES when you need an update to KEEP YOU RELEVANT.

Now you know J’ADORE the signature bell shaped hat & this season Guillaume Henry gave it to us in a fuzzy wool; OMFG GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

WHAT’S NEW: GURL, listen I am about to GO BROKE because this collection is… I’M SPEECHLESS! My jaw was on the floor through the entire presentation. There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I NEED EVERY PIECE!! I don’t just mean the garments, which are BEYOND, the bags, jewelry, shoes, YAS YAS YASSSSS!!!!

We’re getting multi-layer chiffon basket weave bodices for their interpretation on the corset and the COLORFUL THIN PLASTIC hats, sunglasses, hair pieces & other accessories ARE EPIC!!!

Andrew Gn

SIGNATURE: LUXURY WOW! High-end fabrics, bejeweled looks, fantastic eveningwear for the modern philanthropist is my take on Andrew’s designs.

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 Mr. Gn gave us TRADITIONAL WITH AN ETHNIC VIBE. Living for the lampshade fringe, Roman cameo buttons & jewelry + poncho style dresses.

Represented trends are:

  • Goth style pearl choker necklaces
  • Pleats/ruching
  • Layers with oversize coats
  • & more

Yohji Yamamato



Saturday, March 5, 2022


SIGNATURE: Beautifully crafted, classic Parisienne designs for men & women. Young & sexy styles for the FASHION ELITE!

WHAT’S NEW: The goth trend (I know it’s repetitive but it was EVERYWHERE) was embraced through styling & makeup but the designs were still classic cuts.

The CRUSHED VELVET textiles + STUNNING SATURATED FLORALS feel fresh for A/W 2022.


SIGNATURE: This was my first time covering this brand. It’s AVANT-GARDE MEETS STREET. Love the designs are gender inclusive unfortunately these pieces are OUT OF MY AGE GROUP! Can see grabbing a piece or 2 (tees, skimpy camis, etc…) to use as under pinning, but nothing head to toe for a my OLD ASS, LOL!

Vivienne Westwood

SIGNATURE: Vivienne Westwood has been A MAJOR PLAYER OF FASHION since the 1960s. She was key in bringing the mod style to the London masses.

She became a HOUSEHOLD NAME in America in the 90s, when she was co-stylist on the first few seasons of Sex & The City.

Naturally, with the 90s goth trend being IT for 2022, I was excited to see how the new designer, Andreas Kronthaler, would refresh the VW archives

WHAT’S NEW: Andreas Kronthaler is the new designer to take over for THE LEGEND.

STOP… HANG ON, I’M CONFUSED!? The designs were all over the place but not in the normal Vivienne way. Felt like Andrew was straddling the fence between pushing his vision for the brand & satisfying loyal clients that have been buying Westwood for 50 years.

It’s a stretch, but you can find pieces that will work in your wardrobe but there were very few looks that WOW’d me.

Appreciate the gender inclusiveness of the designs however, Imitation of Christ (IOC) did those eye masks more than 2 years ago.


  • Chocolate printed large neck ruffled blazer suit with ruched fishtail skirt, peplum & bracelet length sleeves FIERECE
  • Gladiator style sequin stilettos with buckle accents
  • Ballet flats with & without pom poms
  • Large diamond print dress with corset details & puffed shoulders
  • You know the MY FAIR LADY style hat is in my cart but IOC did it better


SIGNATURE: I made certain to go to Hermès on my trip to Paris because they are a PARIS STAPLE! For more than 100 years the brand has stood for LUXURY READY TO WEAR with a nod to equestrian style. Hermès is known for their leather but moreover their beautifully printed silk scarves (which I picked up in Paris)!

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 Pierre-Alexis Dumas gave us his interpretation on the goth trend. There were more black pieces than in past collections as well as more sheer designs. DROOLING OVER the Hermès take on the thigh high trend, by using stockings & long colorful wool socks.

Elie Saab

SIGNATURE: Elie Saab = RED CARPET FIERECE! Nothing more really needs to be said because if you follow ANY pop culture at all, you have heard of Elie Saab! KILLER CUT SUITS are signature and I would like to say, “THANK YOU!” Mr. Saab giving us so many suits in full on sequin!!!

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 we got LUX GOTH in the silhouettes, accessories and a bit of grommet detailing. Sequin, marabou, glitter & glitz are staples for Elie Saab but cutting oversized pieces are not. When the brand takes on a trend they always do it NEXT LEVEL!

Also new this season was the use of sequin as stripes for some of the textiles; MAJOR!

Some represented trends are:

  • The platform, strappy, chunky heeled shoes are very 90s sexy
  • Can I say YASSSSS to the pleated pieces! Don’t get it twisted (*wink) pleats, ruching, & ruffles are not a trend for Elie Saab. When they create these pieces or details, it’s the BEST YOU WILL SEE!
  • They took the rose trend and created it as a colorful burnout textile WHAT?!!!!

Ann Demeulemeester

SIGNATURE: It’s been a long time since I reviewed this brand. I recall a very UPSCALE STREET STYLES for men & women, as their core designs. Demeulemeester was big in the 90s, so it was fun to see how the brand revived the looks that made them famous!

WHAT’S NEW: The signature suiting was updated for 2022. LOVING the long leather duster coats & vests. The collection was beautifully executed & the lack of bright colors emphasized how much care was put into the textiles & cuts. Felt the column silhouettes were a bit one-note; I was SCREAMING FOR A LEVEL, knee length, mini, or something.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Barbara Bui

SIGNATURE: This was my first time reviewing Barbara Bui but they have been on the FASHION MAP FOREVER! This classical Parisienne brand keeps it fresh each season with very few trendy pieces.

WHAT’S NEW: When you need to REPLACE A STAPLE ITEM in your wardrobe, you hit up Barbara Bui. They give us THOUGHTFUL, LUXURY TEXTILES so your ROI is WORTH EVERY EURO!

A lovely surprise was the addition of the 60s style white mod boots in the collection.


SIGNATURE: LEGEND!! Ok, I’ll give you more, lol!

Their bags are what “non-fashionistas” know Balenciaga for. Those of us IN THE FASHION KNOW, then you get the HIGH-ART CREATIONS Demna Gvasalia designed for A/W 2022 for both men & women!

This is a luxury brand that designs BANGIN’ LEATHER & true Paris chic looks.

WHAT’S NEW: The set design reminded me of a snow tundra where the models had to walk through a glass circular space with GALE-FORCE WINDS blowing directly on them as they walked the snow covered catwalk. This unfortunately made some looks a bit difficult to see the details but is was an amazing effect.

There are some INCREDIBLE DESIGNS like the thigh-high pirate style stiletto boots FOR MEN!! Also extending the gender bending feel by putting men in “Daisy Duke” shorts!

FELL IN LOVE with the printed looks that were all 1 catsuit from the shoes to the gloves, but HOW DO YOU PEE?, lol!

The A/W 2022 IT BAG looks like a high-end leather bin liner and the finale light blue backless gown was EPIC!!


SIGNATURE: ANOTHER PARIS LEGENDARY BRAND! When Paris was at their height so to was Valentino. When everyone was looking to Paris for ready to wear inspiration they sought out designers like Mr. Valentino. Known for their incredible suits, red carpet designs, SLEEK CUTS & SEXY EVERYTHING!!

WHAT’S NEW: This season designer Pierpaolo Piccioli reminded us we’ve been through some hard times, came through it, NOW LET’S CELEBRATE LIFE!! Piccioli says he’s going to give you the pieces to do it in PINK! Even the set was all pink.

For A/W 2022 Valentino brought back skyscraper platform heels, but in a latex like fabric to stay on trend. Now let’s be clear, these are the same type of heels that took down Naomi Campbell at the Vivienne Westwood show in the 90s.

Oversized blazers are not new for the brand. It was trendsetting when they did it originally & it’s no different for A/W 2022.

To do a 22 minute runway where 95% is pink and you’re still RIVETED & DROOLING OVER EVERY PIECE is GENIUS & a challenge. You have to see to understand everything from the garment, jewelry, shoes & accessories are ALL PINK, yet it’s NOT GARISH OR OVER THE TOP!!

Oversized coats NEED THEM NOW! Loving the scalloped neckline & WANT EVERY PIECE IN THE SHOW!

You are shocked when “THE GOTH” SECTION OF ALL BLACK begins. It’s really only at that point you realize how pink all the other looks are. However, the all black (& I mean all black, like the pink), felt right. The pieces were NEXT LEVEL & like every season I can’t wait to see how they are going to top such an EXTRAORDINARY COLLECTION!!

Finally, 90s SUPERMODEL ALERT: Kristen McMenamy SMASHED IT with the finale look!

Beautiful People

SIGNATURE: First time covering this brand. Can’t explain the presentation , what I can say IT’S A MUST!! You get more than the collection, you get a true understanding for the brand’s mission. The clothes are BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED using ancient JAPANESE TECNIQUES; a garment can be turned upside down & STILL LOOKS CHIC. Looking forward to reviewing this brand in the future!


SIGNATURE: Schiaparelli is another Paris staple. This incredible luxury fashion house has BEEN AROUND SINCE TIME BEGAN, lol!

WHAT’S NEW: This season I was BLOWN AWAY at how many looks they showed in under a minute. Albeit brief each look was on screen long enough for you to get every detail of the garment.

The collection is FUCKING BANGING! If Alexander McQueen & John Galliano had a baby, they would have birthed this collection.

The exaggerated details on classic cutis, the trends given their own interpretation & LUX LUX LUX. Getting a 50s brothel vibe with the OVERTLY SEXUAL pieces like cone shaped & molded breasts + butt, as well as the cut out looks. Don’t get it twisted EVERY PIECE IS WEARABLE & FIERCE! Come through knitwear & denim EPIC GENIUS!!


SIGNATURE: Funny to see the fashion house that put LEGENDARY SCREEN ACTRESS, AUDREY HEPBURN on the map, do a hard GOTH STREETWEAR collection. Givenchy is well known for their LUXURY READY TO WEAR pieces for men & women; also incredible leather designs, bags & shoes.

WHAT’S NEW: The set designs was minimal but cool as shit! They interpreted the 90s trend in a LAYERED DECONSTRUCTED way, i.e. cropped sweatshirts over matching longer tees.

There were varying textures of black & loved Givenchy also know for color gave us plenty. Reminding everyone we didn’t dress in head to to black in the 90s. Designer, Matthew Williams, gave us chocolates & olives with splashes of orange & blue; DARK WITHOUT BEING DARK.

For A/W 2022 easy casual looks to UBER RICH designs walked the runway. HIGH-END FABRICS with easy cuts, column silhouettes & subtle cut-out /slashes.

The duster coats are HELLA CHICH and I’m LIVING for the logo tee shirt style skirts + drop waist, spaghetti strap dresses with ruffle hems DECEASED!

We are being graced with CONFECTIONS like a pearl shift dress with matching choker, beaded vests, & stunning hair jewelry. The eveningwear in leather is BOLD & SEXY and the little pearl evening bags are SWEET AS PIE!

As mentioned before, Givenchy covered the 2022 trends their way. Instead of glitter they opted for pearls & beads, showing only 1 large paillette strapless column dress. The thigh high boots are BEYOND SEXY with pointy toes & wedge heels YASS!!

Monday, March 7, 2022

Stella McCartney

SIGNATURE: I am always surprised when a designer decides to showcase their collections in a city that is not their own. It make sense to show in Paris, but Stella is such a Londoner that I expect her to give support to their Fashion Week. Especially since London is hurting for great designers to show.

What I love about Stella is she’s a COOL CONFIDENT WOMAN so she really designs for herself; coming from her heart & soul. She creates pieces that are missing from her closet in turn rounding out your closet with FRESH BANGIN’ PIECES!

Another thing I love about this long running brand, is every look is LUXURY HIPSTER LONDON even when showing in Paris. Stella is also known for her prints & cheeky pieces like the 60s style denim (HELLO BEATLES) and the bralette tops cut beautifully with a sweet loop detail.

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 Stella gave us beautiful bags with large link straps. BEAMING OVER the abstract print 2 piece knit look & knit catsuit with flared hem pants WHAT!?

The dopamine trend was present with Easter colors like lilacs & soft blues and the shift dresses with thin pleated sleeves & bubble hem skirt WOAH!!

Agnes b.

SIGNATURE: This is another brand that is truly Parisienne. Every season they deliver FRESH PARIS STREETWEAR for men & women that AGNES KNOWS YOU WILL BUY!

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 the brand showed us how we will be wearing the collection in our every day life. From shorts pared with tights, layered with a turtleneck sweaters & trench TO velvet rust/black houndstooth suits for evening; IT’S ALL THERE!

MENSWEAR WAS NOTICEABLE ABSENT this season & disappointed there wasn’t more diversity in their model selection like every other collection.

YES, THERE WAS LOTS OF BLACK, more than past seasons (Agnes b.’s signature color is navy). And we got reds, greens & yellows + chunky shoes.

In my opinion the A/W 2022 collection WAS GREAT BUT, I’ve seen better from this house.


SIGNATURE: It’s been many years since I did a review for Ungaro but recall SOPHISTICATED CHIC designs. Completely shocked at how many looks they showed in such a short presentation.

WHAT’S NEW: While everyone is slim cutting garments within an inch of their life, for A/W 2022 Ungaro gave us RELAXED SEXY! The perfect transition now that the world is ready to truly dress again.

All trends were represented including the rose done in COLORFUL BURNOUT PATTERNS on netted tops & SPARKLED UP in sequin for chokers & belts.

LOVED the knit topped dresses, JAWDROPPING PRINTS & ruffled 40’s shoulders on blazers & jackets.

Louis Vuitton

SIGNATURE: Not going into detail about Louis Vuitton because, IT’S LOUIS VUITTON! THE LUX OF THE LUX, THE VERY DEFINITION OF FASHION!!

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 Nicolas Ghesquière blessed us with MORE RELAXED silhouettes. Just what we need after 2 years in pajama bottoms & nice tops for Zoom meetings. The loose designs are giving MODEST SEXY & the word that came to mind watching the collection: INCLUSIVE!

LV decided to show in the grand hall of the Musée d’Orsay (visited on my trip to Paris – short art vid below). SPECTACULAR PLACE FOR A SPECTACULAR COLLECTION!

There are tons of pieces I’m coveting; a few notables are:

  • Thin strapped shift dresses in boucle with sequin accents & large pockets on the outside OVER EVERYTHING from cowlneck sweaters TO white button down shirts & ties GENIUS!!
  • The watercolor printed ties are SUBLIME
  • I CAN’T EVEN with the blue & lavender boucle pieces
  • Roses over their signature LV logo bags FIRE!!

Giambatista Valli


WHAT’S NEW: For A/W the fashion house’s goal was to UPDATE THE 50’s with bows & silhouettes as well AND the 60s with UBER MINIs.

IN MY CART: This collection was not really my vibe but there were DEFINITELY SOME BANGERS:

  • LOVING the sky high glitter platform shoes (think I saw a peep toe)
  • Long cream duster with black bows paired with matching mini skirt & thing high mock croc boots
  • One shoulder sequin bodysuit
  • ALL the thigh high boots
  • The printed sequin pants
  • DUSTER COAT with bow belt & fur trim

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


SIGNATURE: The name of the A/W 2022-2023 collection is INFINITE TWEED! Knowing Madame Chanel’s INFAMOUS SIGNATURE boucle I say, BRING IT ON!!

WHAT’S NEW: For me A/W 2022 was a mixture of GOTH & DOPAMINE. Virginie Viard gave us bright saturated pastel pieces paired with dark heavy wool garments.

Some represented trends are:

  • Shearling/lambswool
  • 90s tartan style plaids
  • Harem hem pants & more

We got STUNNING KNITS & leather shift dresses. The long logo wool socks & low wellies are cool but the THIGH HIGH LOGO WELLIES ARE COOL AS FUCK!!!

And HELLO GLITTER CAPE & plaid tights. One more mention is the black sequin collarless relaxed fit suit BEAUTIFUL.

How do they continue to MAKE MAGIC after all this time!!

Miu Miu

SIGNATURE: Miu Miu is Miuccia Prada‘s baby she creates on her own (without Raf). She always brings a FRESH YOUNG VIBE so parents (Prada) & young adults (Miu Miu) can shop the same designer! It’s LUXURY ATHLEISUREWEAR for men & women.

WHAT’S NEW: For A/W 2022 the Miu Miu signature tennis skirt was given a twist; by cutting it low slung so a pair of satin logo panties can peek out from the top VERY 90s & GENIUS!

For this season’s presentation they incorporated RAW-CLAY ANIMATIONS. There were very obvious images of “dopamine” so you knew which trend the collection is referencing for A/W 2022.

Also new was the frayed edge brief shorts & the oversized jackets & coats. DYING for every SQUARE-TOED BALLET SLIPPER with thick wool socks like leg warmers; I am a former dancer after all!

NEED EVERYTHING of course but definitely the WAXED PYTHON + large woven sequin shift dress with leather belt, HOLY SHIT!!

And finally, OBSESSED with the 1 collar out look! Watch EVERYONE WILL BE ROCKING THIS TREND! Leave it to Miuccia to give us A TREND NO ONE THOUGHT OF!!

Finally, I leave it to you fashionistas. Do you get why…

Paris Fashion Week A/W 2022 is My Favorite Fashion of All!!

LEAVE A COMMENT & let me know, which was your favorite collection from Paris?


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