Time To Get Focused and Stay True To My Brand

For months I have been trying to stay consistent with my blogs but have struggled for these last few weeks. Decided it’s time to get focused and stay true to my brand.

Prior to June, I checked my go-to website National Today. I planned all my blog posts because June has so many amazing things to celebrate, learn & discuss.

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AB-FAB Designs Origin Story 🦸🏽‍♀️

Doing my research on Black Lives Matters Month, I realized these are all topics true to my heart but have nothing to do with my luxury lifestyle brand!

I started this website in 2002 because there were very few fashion websites on the internet at that time; especially for African American fashion bloggers. My vision was to write about my knowledge of high-end fashion, beauty, travel & lux life.

I’ve labored these past few weeks because my posts have been everything but that!

How I Got Off Track 🙃

Understanding social media is supposed to be social, I started looking for subjects to discuss to ensure readers I would not be selling every week. That I would provide free content to establish trust, build our relationship, & know when you put down your credit card for 1 of my services you would feel confident in your decision to work with me.

However, my content has been going off the rails. It’s been more about causes I care about & hours picking the right emojis. Although I have learned a ton about topics like…

… It’s time to get back on brand & HOPE YOU ALL STAY FOR THIS FUN ASS RIDE!

My hope is to get excited about my research process again. Further, my posts have not provided me the long-form content needed to create short-form fashion content for my social media. Which has equaled to zero sales through social media.

Selling on Social With Social Curator

Where is all this coming from? My new educational program & mentor: Selling on Social with Jasmine Star. It has been the best investment for my business thus far!

Hosted by the highly popular Social Curator website, Selling on Social is more than classes. It’s a community of entrepreneurs all learning the best tips and strategies for selling our products & services on social media.

Social Curator will be my future inspiration for the direction my business takes and I am highly recommending it for anyone wanting to know more about the best ways to SELL ON SOCIAL!

I plan on writing an entire blog about Social Curator & how it has changed my perspective on sales, business & marketing. Also each member of Social Curator is eligible to be an affiliate, so I am dropping my code 👉🏽HERE👈🏽 in order for you to get in on this UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!

Time To Get Focused and Stay True To My Brand

AB-FAB Designs Logo 2022

Now back to the main reason for this post. Going forward I am laser focused on ensuring the AB-FAB Designs brand is only about luxury fashion, beauty & lifestyle! My goal is to post shorter blogs, more frequently if possible.

I hope you not only stay for the ride but share my site with others interested in fashion, beauty & luxury life! There will also be more discounts & sales of my incredible services!!


Comment below & let me know IF YOU’RE STAYING FOR THE RIDE!


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