End of 2020 Comedy Specials

Here is my review of the End of 2020 Comedy Specials 🎦

Netflix "Death to 2020"

Netflix “Death to 2020”


Amazon Prime "Yearly Departed"

Amazon Prime “Yearly Departed”

Waited 4️⃣ New Year’s Eve to watch each special, with a new bottle of Prosecco 🍾

First up, Yearly Departed on Amazon Prime Video. This special features an all female cast of comedians (below alphabetically). Next to each iconic comedian I’ve listed what each is THRILLED to “cancel” from 2020 🚫

Promise it doesn’t ruin it! 😉

  • Rachel Brosnahan – Pants
  • Ziwe Fumudoh – Beige Band-Aids
  • Tiffany Haddish – Casual Sex
  • Patti Harrison – Rich Girl Instagram Influencers
  • Natasha Leggero – Having Any More Kids
  • Natasha Rothwell – TV Cops
  • Sarah Silverman – Make America Great Again

Directed by Linda Mendoza (support female directors 🥳)

This 45 minute special had me laughing from beginning to end. Literally had to stop after @TiffanyHaddish because I was choke coughing 😂

No joke, took a break, refilled my glass of Prosecco & had to pull myself together because I couldn’t stop laughing 🔥

Also had to start over because I missed 1/2 of what Tiffany was saying!

Each brilliant woman holds her own comedically. Both social & political topics everyone loved to make fun of in 2020 are covered.

There is even a special guest that brings it home at the end. Won’t reveal it here, you have to watch 😋

In the outtakes you see the skillful way the director produced many elements in post, to ensure cast/staff were distanced & safe 😷

Next, End of 2020 Comedy Special, Death to 2020 on Netflix runs a little over an hour. I’ve listed the cast alphabetically & the role each portrays 🎭

  • Hugh Grant, Professor of History
  • Samuel L. Jackson, Reporter
  • Leslie Jones, Behavioral Therapist
  • Samson Kayo, Scientist
  • Joe Keery, Gig Economy Millennial
  • Lisa Kudrow, Non-official Spokesperson
  • Cristin Milioti, Self-Described Average Soccer Mom
  • Diane Morgan, Average Citizen
  • Kumail Nanjiani, Billionaire Tech Mogul
  • Tracey Ullman, Queen Elizabeth

Directed by Al Campbell & Alice Mathias


Death to 2020 is a look back on the entire year starting with the Australian fires in January & goes through our insane American election 🤢

Every 1️⃣ of these brilliant actor/comedians had me on the floor 😹, promise it wasn’t the Prosecco 🥂🥴

I have watched it several times since & die each time 🤪

To prove it I will give you a spoiler. My favorite line talking about America & the election, “…This story line is far fetched, but I’m well into this… I’M BINGING THE SHIT OUT OF IT!!!! 🤣🤣

Producing in an interview, narration, clip shot format, I believe was an ingenious method to keep all cast/staff socially distanced & safe 💖

If I had to pick my favorite End of 2020 Comedy Special, I would have to choose…

drum roll

Death to 2020

I highly recommend you watch both, but Death to 2020 on Netflix wins by a narrow margin.

As someone that can’t stomach the news, I feel Death to 2020 gives an accurate & hysterical run down of the entire horrific year that was 2020. It’s the type of high-brow humor I absolutely love!

RIP 2020 ⚰️ & HAPPY 2021 EVERYONE 🎊



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