Gaithersburg Winter Lights 2020

I wanted a night out with my son & only 3 minutes away from my house, I surprised him by taking him to see the Gaithersburg, MD “Winter Lights” 2020 ☃️ (12-23-20)

This is the 25th year the City of Gaithersburg has hosted this spectacular event. Luckily, I ordered early & scored 🎟 to this now SOLD OUT event.

🏞Seneca Creek State Park (vid of park coming soon) was the perfect backdrop for this amazing experience with my son!


The 3.5-mile drive through the enchanted setting of Seneca Creek State Park takes you past more than 450 illuminated displays and beautifully lit trees that light up the night 🎄

I took my son with a friend years ago but he was very young. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos. As new moms 🤱🏽we were too busy trying to figure out how to keep excited 4 year old kids in their car seats. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Once again the “Winter Lights” team did not disappoint🥳 The entire slow drive Xavier & I could not stop saying “Look at that!”😲

Their big attraction is the castle lit up with a Disney vibe🏰 However, our favorites were the moving displays.

They had a teddy bear 🧸flipping into a honey pot🍯, a duck that swoops down & splashes into the creek🦆, a gingerbread man flipping in the air, a reindeer running up a ramp & drifting down on a parachute🪂 AND SO MUCH MORE!

As the website states their were over 450 displays. I created a short video of some of the lights, hope you enjoy!



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