March is Mad for Plaid Month Here’s How to Celebrate

Going forward I will only write about fashion related social media holidays. So March is Mad for Plaid Month; Here’s How to Celebrate.

With Fall/Winter 2024 International Fashion Month over, it was imperative to write about the importance of plaid in the upcoming seasons. Plaid was all over the runways. From tartan pleated skirts with large safety pin details (like the punks of the 70s) to pastel day dresses.

Mad for Plaid Month

Like all social media holiday’s National Today is my favorite reference website.

Mad for Plaid Month is observed annually in March. It is to celebrate the textile pattern of Tartan, or plaid, as it is called in North America.

The pattern of multicolored horizontal and vertical bands crisscrossing has become a cultural iconography of the modern world. It has become a fall and winter wardrobe staple for people across the globe.

History of Mad for Plaid Month

The earliest records of tartan come from the Hallstatt Culture. They reigned over Western and Central Europe between the eighth and sixth centuries B.C.

The earliest evidence of tartan in the British Isles came in the third century A.D. in the form of the ‘Falkirk’ tartan found in Scotland. To pacify the growing power of the Highlanders, the Dress Act of 1746 banned tartans entirely. When the Act was rescinded in 1782, tartan became part of the Scottish traditional dress. It was further popularized when King George IV sported a tartan kilt during his 1822 visit to Scotland.

Plaid caught the attention of the American masses by the 1970s. It was integral to the aesthetics of countercultures like grunge.

The heyday for plaid came with the mid-90s cult classic movie “Clueless”. The film etched the pattern into the fashion zeitgeist forever. Since then, plaid has been a staple in both haute couture & daily wear.

Mad For Plaid Month Activities

  1. Incorporate plaid into your outfit
    What better way to celebrate the pattern than to wear it? Grab your favorite plaid piece from your closet and style it with pride!
  2. Binge watch media with iconic plaid outfits
    Be it “Friends” or “Clueless,” watch anything that features an iconic plaid outfit and get watching. You never know when outfit inspiration may strike!
  3. Learn how to weave the pattern
    If you’ve been looking to pick up a new hobby, maybe begin learning how to weave. A month in front of the loom may leave you knowing the basics of how to weave a plaid fabric.

Mad For Plaid Month FAQS

  • What is a plaid weave?
    A plaid weave includes stripes of different colors in a warp that are repeated in the weft.
  • Are plaid and flannel the same thing?
    Whilst the two are often paired together, they aren’t the same! Flannel is a fabric and plaid is a pattern.
  • What are the different types of plaid?
    Plaid comes in several different types — including Gingham, Houndstooth, Madras, and Tattersall.

5 Interesting Facts About Plaid

  1. Plaid comes from the Gaelic word ‘Plaide’
    The latter refers to a blanket or an outer layer.
  2. A craze in 19th century America
    In mid-1800s Pennsylvania, the Woolrich Woolen Mills began producing the red-and-black Buffalo Check Plaid shirt. It became a hit with workers trying to keep warm.
  3. Plaid has been to the moon
    Astronaut Alan Bean traveled to the moon on November 19, 1969. He took half a yard of MacBean family tartan with him.
  4. 34 American states have official tartans
    34 states of the U.S. have their official tartans as a way to recognize Scottish-American citizens.
  5. ‘Plaid’ is Welsh for ‘party’
    Though the etymology of the word is Gaelic, ‘plaid,’ coincidentally, is also the Welsh word for ‘party.’

Why We Should Love Mad For Plaid Month

  1. It gives us a chance to celebrate an iconic pattern
    Mad for Plaid Month allows us to celebrate a closet staple. Considering how ubiquitous the pattern is, celebrating it only feels right.
  2. It gives us an excuse to wear more plaid
    Plaid is a delightful look. Any situation that gives us an excuse to wear plaid is a welcome one.
  3. It highlights the interesting history of the pattern
    Plaid has a very interesting history. Mad for Plaid Month and its emphasis on the pattern allows the opportunity to look up the pattern.




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