5 Interesting Facts About International Women of Color Day

Below are 5 Interesting Facts About International Women of Color Day!

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Founded by the National Institute for Women of Color, or the N.I.W.C., which has since become inactive. The objective of this day is to celebrate the achievements of diverse women of color. Contributions made by women of color will be recognized and judged fairly. It is a global day, with events happening all over the world.

History of International Women of Color Day

International Women of Color Day celebrates diverse women of color, their contributions, and their traditions. The day was first celebrated in Washington, D.C. Today, various events are hosted internationally to show support for those who fight against discrimination and racism.

The N.I.W.C. was established to safeguard the rights of women, and interest groups that build a supportive framework. Over 250 Outstanding Women and Girls of Color recognitions have been awarded to women in Northern California. Small business owners and others who help make the world an equal place are appreciated.

International Women of Color Day

Why is purple the color for International Women’s Day?

Purple is the color that denotes royalty. The Women’s Social and Political Union adopted purple as the official color in 1908.

What is the International Women’s Day theme for 2023?

The UN’s IWD theme for 2023 is ‘DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality’. The UN has stated that this theme “recognizes and celebrates the women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education”. 

Is International Women of Color Day a public holiday?

Unfortunately, Women of Color Day is not a public holiday. Government offices, schools, and transport services operate as usual.

5 Interesting Facts About International Women of Color Day

  1. Few executive positions
    A recent study showed that out of the 532 African-American women who graduated from Harvard Business School between 1977 and 2015, only 67 of them were able to achieve high-ranking executive positions.
  2. More susceptible to workplace harassment
    A 2006 survey revealed that women of color are most likely to face workplace harassment among all groups.
  3. Less scope for promotion
    Women of color are likely to receive less support from their superiors regarding promotions.
  4. Less exposure to networking opportunities
    Women of color are excluded from informal networks and do not receive helpful mentoring or guidance.
  5. They feel invisible at work
    Studies have shown statements made by women of color are remembered less accurately compared to their white peers.

Why International Women of Color Day Is Important

  1. It empowers women of color
    It reminds everyone that all women of color are amazing in their fields and deserve recognition. It empowers them to overcome their challenges.
  2. It exposes bias
    Women of color face bias on two levels — racial and gender bias. This day helps bring any kind of misbehavior towards them to light.
  3. It celebrates solidarity
    Since this day is celebrated globally, women of diverse cultures come together and show up for one another in whatever form possible. They support and celebrate each other on this day.

How To Observe International Women of Color Day

  1. Post on social media
    Celebrate your fellow women of color by posting on social media. Make sure to use the hashtag #WomenofColorDay for solidarity.
  2. Make a Spotify playlist
    Several female vocalists of color have delivered hit songs. Make a playlist and put some of your favorite songs by women of color in it.
  3. Read about diverse women
    The internet is a vast archive containing the records of diverse women of color contributions. Such as the incredible actress Cicely Tyson (Wikipedia) who starred in her last role at the age of 96!! Go ahead and look up your favorites.




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