Greatest Surprise Video EVER! More Amazing Paris Sites

I was privileged to take my first trip to Paris in May 2019 with my then 6 year old son, Xavier. Thus, I made it a point to create an agenda that covered every tourist spot I have ever seen in my lifetime!

Our travel and first 2 days were extraordinary (see posts Longing For Paris & Sacre Bleu le Sacré-Cœur)!

Day 3 in Paris started with breakfast. First, I checked Yelp, then had to find a cab and finally managed to navigate the complicated ATM machine.

Was all worth it when my son and I hit this adorable spot on Rue Lamarck called Soul Kitchen. We had a simple Parisian breakfast. Annoyingly I didn’t get any photos of the outside which is UBER CUTE! (review on Yelp)

With my headphones tuned into Google Maps we walked for a long time getting lost looking for Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s House and Studio, but totally worth it for the shot I got of Xavier. (review Google Maps)

Xavier in front of Toulouse-Lautrec’s House and Studio

A simple 10-minute walk down Rue Lepic took us through this spectacular artist neighborhood.

Then, we rounded a corner and on a dead-end street we arrived at Dali Paris. After a million photos in front we explored the entire gallery! Xavier of course got bored after a bit, but he did enjoy the incredible sculptures. (Google Maps)

As the final leg of our “LEGENDARY ARTISTS” tour we walked back up Rue Lepic. The streets are so charming no wonder everyone raves when speaking about Paris.

Surprised at how empty the streets were; which was a nice change from home where traffic overtakes everything.

As promised the bright blue door of le Appartement de Théo Van Gogh (Van Gogh’s apartment) is unmistakable!! Nothing really to do but take photos as memory makers for Xavier to have forever. (Google Maps)

At this point the boy said, “Mom, I can’t walk anymore, and I am STARVING!”, you know how kids are LOL!

I wanted to have another authentic French meal and according to Yelp, just a 1-minute walk (on an enchanting corner) was Le Basilic. We had “The Real Deal” French onion soup, creme brulee and momma’s fav, Prosecco. (Yelp)

You would think that is enough for 1 day but we took an Uber back to Hotel R de Paris (post Sacre Bleu le Sacré-Cœur) and changed our clothes.

Xavier wanted to know where we were going so I told him we were going to another gallery. Of course, he groaned a bit and got ready.

After the craziest train experience, I have ever had (too long a story for details). We arrived at our destination!

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for:


His reaction is PRICELESS!

Disneyland Paris Review (Trip Advisor or Google Maps)

Stay Fashionable!

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