Longing For Paris

I celebrated Mother’s Day 2019, taking a train with my son, Xavier, on a rainy Sunday to NYC. We fought rainy weather all day with 3 large bags and finally arrived at The Best Western Hotel. Next, we dropped off the luggage using the service Luggage Hero. If you have never tried it when traveling, I highly recommend it.

Afterwards, I checked Yelp so Xavier and I didn’t have to walk too far in the rain looking for a place to eat. As a result, only a few blocks away was The Rag Trader & Bo Peep Cocktail and Highball Store. (review on site, Yelp, or Google Maps).

Later, we hopped a cab uptown to get pics of the luxury brand stores we would see in Paris. More importantly, I wanted to check out my then obsession The Real Real (review Yelp or Google Maps).

After a quick browse and a few photos, Xavier and I hopped a cab to pick up our luggage, then 1 final cab to JFK airport. (Google Maps or Yelp)

I was fortunate to find THE GREATEST AIRLINE EVER: Norwegian Airlines! (Yelp, Trip Advisor or Google Maps) As a result the incredible deal Norwegian provided I was able to upgrade to Premium Flex.

It was my first time in first class, so I had no idea what to expect. Meanwhile, Xavier and I checked in and were told to go the Alitalia Lounge (Yelp, Trip Advisor or Google Maps).

Once we braved the nightmare that is JFK airport and boarded the plane, the flight was everything you want first class to be. For example we had a faster check-in and for me, unlimited champagne!!!

Above all, we slept like royalty in our first-row seat (book early 😉).

Like a little kid I screamed the first time we saw the Eiffel Tower!

The driver we hired didn’t show (Welcome Pickups received refund) so we got a cab to our hotel.

Consequently, our Paris adventure was 1 exciting moment after the next.

Over the next posts I bring you Paris through the eyes of a first timer.

In short, Xavier and I experienced every tourist adventure Paris had to offer. In addition, we had a few escapades you can’t believe (Champagne tour of the French countryside and Disneyland Paris).


5 thoughts on “Longing For Paris

  1. Let’s hope we can all get back to our favourite city soon! Fantastic article, makes me want to jump on the Eurostar right away!

    1. Thank you for coming to my site and reading my blog. I hope you will come back later in the week to read the rest. Next post scheduled for Wednesday. Hoping we all can travel soon, creating the videos for these posts have made me long for a vacation!

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