One-Time Closet Cleanse

One-Time Closet Cleanse

The virtual One-Time Closet Cleanse is designed for clients seeking a thorough decluttering and revamping of their existing wardrobe.

Our team of professional fashion stylist are dedicated to empowering you with the tools and knowledge to maintain your new found closet long after the virtual session.

Let us guide you on this transformative journey and unlock the full potential of your wardrobe, so you can step into each day with confidence and style. Book today!


Product Description

Is your closet bursting at the seams, yet you find yourself staring at it each morning, unsure of what to wear? Do you struggle to find your favorite clothing items amidst the clutter, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?

Our virtual One-Time Closet Cleanse is your ultimate solution.Β It’s time for a fresh start and a clutter-free wardrobe that brings joy and ease to your daily dressing routine.

Why You Need It

  1. The One-Time Virtual Closet Cleanse is designed to assist you in transforming your chaotic closet into a well-organized space.
  2. We are dedicated to refreshing your wardrobe, so it reflects your personal style while eliminating clutter and outdated items.
  3. It’s a cost-effective solution to fully transform your wardrobe.

One-Time Closet Cleanse Includes

Full Closet Evaluation

You will start with a 2-hour virtual consultation with an experienced fashion stylist.

  • We conduct a detailed wardrobe assessment, considering your style preferences, lifestyle, and the type of clothing you wear most frequently. The goal is to understand what works and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Your stylist will provide guidance on what to keep, donate, or sell. The aim is to create a curated wardrobe that is versatile, functional, and free from items that no longer serve a purpose.
  • We provide valuable insight and make decisions based on your body shape, style goals, and current fashion trends.
Now Let’s Organize

We believe that an organized closet is the key to maximizing your wardrobe’s potential and saving you valuable time in the mornings.

  • During a separate 1-hour consultation your stylist will offer tips on how to organize your clothing to maximize closet space. Making it easier to locate items and coordinate outfits effortlessly.
  • We will introduce you to the best way to store out-of-season items, so you don’t become overwhelmed with too many items in your closet.
Shop Your Closet

It’s amazing how a fresh perspective can turn forgotten pieces into stylish ensembles that you’ll love wearing again.

  • During your final 1-hour session, we will create a capsule wardrobe with versatile and essential pieces.
  • Our stylists will share tips on how to repurpose and restyle existing pieces to maximize their use.
    This will breathe new life into your wardrobe without the need for excessive shopping.
  • By the end of the virtual closet cleanse, you’ll not only have a more organized and streamlined wardrobe, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of your personal style and how to express yourself confidently.

Whether you desire a minimalist wardrobe or a capsule collection of statement pieces, we are ready to transform your closet into a personalized fashion haven!

Say goodbye to the stress of a messy closet and hello to an inspiring wardrobe that sparks joy!

If needed, additional costs will be applied
  • Attend runway shows, brand showrooms, designer studios, or fashion industry events.
  • Available to travel ✈️ anywhere in the world 🌍 for on-site services.
*Payment Plans Available
  • 1/2 payment due 2 days prior to appointment.
  • final payment due on the day of appointment prior to scheduled time.

*AB-FAB Designs’ team observes COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. πŸ’‰πŸ˜·

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