Special Occasion Styling

Special Occasion Styling

The virtual Special Occasion package caters to clients who need assistance in finding the perfect outfit for a special event or occasion.

AB-FAB Designs dedicated stylists will craft a personalized look that matches your style and the occasion’s theme.

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Product Description

Are you gearing up for a special event that demands a remarkable and unforgettable presence? Our virtual Special Occasion Styling package is tailor-made to ensure you shine like a star during your big moment.

Our team of seasoned fashion stylists is dedicated to helping you curate an incredible ensemble. One that captures your unique style and embodies the essence of the occasion.

Why You Need It

  1. AB-FAB Designs takes the stress out of dressing for your special occasion so you can focus on creating ever-lasting memories.
  2. We believe that looking and feeling incredible should be accessible.
  3. Our mission is to transform your vision into reality and make your event extraordinary.

Special Occasion Styling Includes

Personal Consultation with a Dedicated Stylist

First, your journey begins with a 1-hour virtual consultation where you’ll connect with one of our dedicated stylists.

  • Understanding your preferences, personality, and the nature of the event is crucial to crafting an outfit that resonates with you.
Tailored Outfit Suggestions

Whether it’s an elegant gala, a romantic date night, or a formal corporate gathering; we’ve got you covered.

  • A separate 1.5-hour virtual consultation scheduled within your timeline.
  • Drawing from the insights gained during the consultation, your stylist will curate a range of outfit suggestions that align with your vision and the event’s theme.
Accessories, Shoes, and Makeup Recommendations

An ensemble is more than just clothing—it’s a harmonious composition.

  • Your stylist will provide thoughtful recommendations to complement your outfit; ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to.
  • Conducted during your 1.5-hour virtual consultation.
Personalized Styling Guidance

Lastly, we understand that stepping out for a special occasion can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

  • Our stylists are committed to offering advice that empowers you to feel confident and radiant.
  • From posture tips to posing on the red carpet, we’ve got the insider knowledge to help you make a lasting impression.
  • Conducted during your 1.5-hour virtual consultation.

AB-FAB Designs mission is to offer you expert guidance on how to shine like a diamond without breaking the bank.

Get ready to turn heads, make memories, and embrace your inner fashion icon!

If Needed ** additional costs may apply
  • Attend runway shows, brand showrooms, designer studios, or fashion industry events.
  • Research applicable eras & cultures of fashion to design a period/culturally appropriate style.
  • Available to travel ✈️ anywhere in the world 🌍 for on-site services.
*Payment Plans Available
  • 1/2 payment due 2 days prior to first appointment.
  • final payment due on the day of first appointment prior to scheduled time.

*AB-FAB Designs’ team observes COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. 💉😷

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