I was turned onto Thom Browne by a co-worker (thanks Amanda). Everyone that I work with knows that I love fashion. I always wear things that are a bit fashion forward for my mostly female Jewish non-profit philanthropic company.

For me every day is a fashion show and every time I leave my house it’s a potential photo op. Take today, for example, I decided to wear my above the knee grey pleated skirt with my red Izod argyle sweater, charcoal grey knee-high wool socks and my suede grey ankle boots that have black suede ties up the back; I know FIERCE!!

When my girl Amanda told me that she saw this designer that was totally outrageous and forwarded me the link to his website I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was immediately thrilled to see another British menswear bespoke designer. Thom is actually an amalgam of my 2 favorite designers Alexander McQueen and Ozwald Boateng.

Thom has the couture like attention to detail in his tailoring just like McQueen and Boateng but he reminds me more of Alexander at the beginning of his career with his need to shock in creating new silhouettes in menswear.

One of my favorite fashion journalists Tim Blanks says and I quote, “They all [the garments] whiffed of Thom’s ongoing Barnum and Bailey assault on masculine convention…” “…a new take on his continuing fascination with male powerlessness…”

You can see a slide show of Thom Browne’s Spring 2009 collection at the link listed below. All I can say is really low slung shorts, you know I love a man in a skirt, and Tennis anyone?

I now these designs are a bit out there for the average American male but keep in mind these outfits can be pulled apart and work with other items like jeans and plain sweaters and shirts to tone them down.

Thom kept the color palette mostly red, white and blue with greys, blacks, and black and white shown toward the end of the collection. The tone on tone check pattern and the English cut of the clothes are amazing. It reminds me of a modern version of the Beatles at the beginning of their careers.

The trenches are definitely covetable and I am crazy about the tennis theme throughout the collection (which was probably what seeped into my mind when picking out my tennis girl outfit today) with the terry cloth arm and headbands as well as the actual tennis racquet details in the fabrication. I can also see that Thom loves a wader length pant.

I know many doubted me when I said that Alexander McQueen would be a major name in fashion over a decade but now McQueen is a major luxury brand. I feel that Thom Browne will have a major voice in menswear but I fear that he will have the same trouble that Ozwald Boateng had breaking into the American market. However I have high hopes for them both.

AB-FAB FIERCEABULOUS PICKS (you have to go to the slide show to see them)

1. The high-waisted pants in slides 20, 36, and 48 are a refreshing new silhouette in menswear

2. For those that know me – I love a man in a skirt so check out slides 21, 29, 30 and 31

3. Slide #4 with the grey window pane 3 piece suit done with shorts – FIERCE!!!

4. All of the sweater vests are amazing. Check slides 11 and 12.

5. I love the navy with white tennis racket trench in slide 17

As a side note I know these guys don’t look too thrilled to be wearing these outfits but actually this is the look that most male models give on the runway.

Stay Fashionable!

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