DC Fashion Week – Day 5

The final day of DC Fashion Week was on September 21st, 2008 at the incredible French Embassy located near Georgetown.

I arrived a bit late because all of the shows during the week ran a bit behind and there was even a show where hair and make-up were waiting for the models to finish their fittings so that we could begin. But this day when I arrived the backstage area was total madness. Models, designers, hair and make-up were rushing around to ensure that this show would begin on time since it was a Sunday evening event and located in an Embassy.

I was told that when the first hair and make-up artists arrived they were told to get started because the designers were still arriving and setting up so they were not ready for fittings. The stylists dug in and did about 6 to 7 models so I only had a few faces to do which made me happy because my back was killing me from working all of the shows. Mid-way into my 3rd model Ean Williams, the Director of DC Fashion Week, announced that for the first time in all of the 9 shows (that’s 2 shows a year for the last 4 years) of DC Fashion Week that hair and make-up were done 2 hours before the show!!

Although the stylists were completed early there were still lots of fittings to complete because this was the biggest show of the week. There were 9 different designers showing approximately 10 looks each. I was able to write a few notes and take lots of pictures backstage at this show but since all of my blogs on this year’s DC Fashion Week have been really wordy (and I have so many other ideas for future blogs that I want to write) that I am going to let the photos show you the truly amazing collections that showed on this beautiful (first) fall night.

Ean Williams began the show by having all of the models wear a simple black outfit so that he could introduce them to all of the VIP guests as well as the local and international press that attended this event.
Introducing the amazing DC Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2009 models:

The first collection was Corjor Couture. This was an opportunity for Ean Williams to show some of the pieces he presented over the week but he mostly showed the real star pieces of his Fall/Winter 2009 collection, the black and white pieces. Showing a collection in black or white or black and white gives the designer the chance to show his true skills because the absence of color allows you to focus on the details of a garment. I will leave the rest of my words on this collection for the AB-FAB picks because there were so many pieces I was coveting including my favorite bubble hem dress.

The 2nd collection was a designer from Mongolia (there was no program for this year’s show so I was unable to get the names of the designers so I will only give the country when I don’t have the designer’s name. In my notes I wrote killer headpieces, lots of layered embroidered silk, robes, traditional Asian colors and fabrics used in modern cuts.

Collection #3 was also from Mongolia. My notes say traditional Asian embroidered silks mixed with iridescent sheer fabric. I also wrote amazing beading and unusual earrings. This collection was geared for a younger client unlike the second collection which I felt had more wearable pieces. This collection I was hard pressed to find pieces that I could see incorporating into my wardrobe. There was one piece but you will have to wait for AB-FAB picks.

Collection #4 was from Uzbekistan and my notes state Ikat prints and gold threading. It was clear that the designer was inspired by traditional African garb because they managed to mix the African and the Asian perfectly. The jackets were incredible.

Collection #5 was from Italy. This collection had lots of sheer and silk fabrics with beautiful lace embroidery.

Collection #6 – Evening was the look of this collection. There were beautiful colors and great detailing.

Collection #7 was from Hungary – Ruffles, sheer fabrics; gold, black and white pallete.

Collection #8 was from an American designer Renee – My notes say Missioni like crochet pieces. Very sexy!!

Collection #9 was another American designer Thomas Levon from New Jersey – Purple and white color pallete with pops of green. Amazing suiting.

Right in the midst of the last collection I was grabbing my notebook from under my arm to write about the 8th collection and dropped my camera. There is only one word that can describe that moment – F**K!! I know many cameras are pretty resilient but the camera landed on the hard marble floor on the lens while it was extended. I did what I could to fix it but there was no luck. Since I could not take any more pictures, it was dark and I had a 40 minute drive home I decided to pack my kit and close the chapter on my Fall/Winter 2009 DC Fashion Week experience.

I hope that those that read this get the experience of actually being at each fashion show. I have to thank everyone that worked at DC Fashion Week; I was able to meet many new friends and business contacts. This has really given me a new boost to my career because it reminded me that International fashion is the next wave for DC. With the opening of so many luxury brands in Chevy Chase and DC I am finally seeing my dream of having DC become more of a fashion city to compete with Miami and Atlanta. Of course we have always had Virginia as an area that focused on fashion with most of the talent/modeling agencies in Northern Virginia and VCU being the only University that offers fashion as a major.

I must accredit this change in the fashion attitude of DC to George Bush. Yes, I am giving him credit for something and I know the people that know me are saying, “WHAT!!” but hear me out. If Bush didn’t keep his rich “Fat Cats” living here there wouldn’t be a demand for a revitalization of the richest areas in Montgomery County.

Chevy Chase is where the rich wives of politicians live and where the rich wives from Potomac shop. All of this brand luxury is also in demand due to the young money moving to the ‘burbs of DC. With that we have a bigger Tiffany’s, Jimmy Choo, YSL, and other younger, major labels moving into the area next to the old luxury stores like Gucci and Cartier. Politicians are finally realizing the importance of imaging and staying fresh and relevant. For a fashion stylist from DC this is music to my ears.


1. All of the HOT men of DC Fashion Week.
2. From the 2nd collection, the amazing silk gown on the right. I love the silhouette and the colors. If I were taller of the dress were knee length I would definitly own it.

3. From the 3rd collection I love the sheer chocolate with the gold trim dress shown on the right.

4. Collection #4, besides the amazing colors of this outfit (I totally love it and need to own it) the boots are to die for!! – FIERCEABULOUS!!

5. From the 5th collection I was coveting this highwaisted gown with the red belt and flowers adorning the bodice and skirt.

6. Also from the 5th collection I loved this simple evening gown with the fierece décolletage and lace embroidery.

7. Again from the 5th collection the wedding dress that the designer created was stunning. The black under the white lace was really modern and fresh. The woman in jeans is the designer and she’s FIERCEABULOUS!

6. From the 7th collection I died over the highwaisted skirt with the gold buttons and the sheer ruffled blouse but I also loved the wavy ruffle skirts – very Leanne from Project Runway!!

7. From the 8th collection; I don’t think I need to explain why I loved it and why I want to own it, JUST LOOK AT HOW COOL!! – FIERCEABULOUS!!

8. From the 9th collection there were so many picks that I just cropped the photos so that you could see them. Each look below needs a place in my closet.

9. My final picks are of course from Corjor International’s Couture Collection. Ean really did a great job on each look and all I can say is GIVE ME THAT HAT!!! – FIERCEABULOUS!!


Stay Fashionable!!

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