In Need of Fall Closet Maintenance? Here’s The Best Tips!

Hey there, Fabulous Fashionistas! 🍂👠 In Need of Fall Closet Maintenance? Here’s the Best Tips!

Guess what? Fall is coming (Sept. 23), and it’s time to give your closet a little more attention than your favorite Netflix series (shocking, I know!).

Let’s dive into some fall closet maintenance tips that’ll make your wardrobe happier than a kid in a candy store!

But First…

Autumn Wardrobe Basics

Below are the fashion essentials for Fall/Winter 2023–24

  • Long-sleeved Tees (thin and lightweight are the way to go)
  • Turtlenecks (save the heavier fabrics for winter)
  • Sweaters (anything and everything goes here)
  • Wool Slacks (such a great all-weather item)
  • Jackets (everything from lightweight nylon to leather)
  • Leather Bags (a nice change from all the raffia of summer)
  • Leather Boots (ankle boots work best during fall)
  • Wool Suits (good to have for every season)
  • Cocktail Dresses (can never have too many)

The Best 7 Closet Maintenance Tips

  1. Feel the Texture Love: Think of fall fabrics as your stylish hug buddies. We’re talking about textures so cozy, you’ll want to snuggle up with them. It’s like your clothes are saying, “Hello, fabulousness!”
  2. Coat Drama, Reversible Edition: Ever heard of a coat that’s basically a fashion magician? Reversible coats are here to take your fall look from “ta-da” to “ta-da-da-da!” Flip it, and you’re ready for whatever fall throws at you.
  3. Shoe-ppointment Time: Your shoes need some pampering too. Check their soles and seams like you’re giving them a spa day. Winter can’t mess with your fabulous footwear!
  4. Closet Breathing Room: Let your clothes stretch their arms (well, hangers) a bit. You’ll find things easier, and they won’t feel so cramped. It’s like a closet yoga session!
  5. Sayonara, Old Fits: Bid farewell to clothes that don’t embrace your curves anymore. Share the love – give them a new home at charity shops or hand them down to friends. More space for fabulous finds!
  6. Operation: Fabulous Favorites: Those trusty old pals need a little TLC. If they’re feeling snug or looking a bit worn, a tailor can be your fashion fairy godparent.
  7. Upgrade Time: Spruce up your dated darlings. Remove unnecessary bling and sprinkle some fashion fairy dust with a snazzy belt, a glam sweater, or a quirky flower pin.

Day into Evening Transformations

Ready to go from daytime chic to evening glam? Let’s turn up the fashion dial:

  • Decolletage Drama: Plunge into the party with necklines that make a splash. How low can you go? Well, that’s your secret weapon!
  • Diamonds Are Forever: Diamonds + cocktail dresses = a match made in glam heaven. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, but way more fabulous.
  • Stilettos in the Spotlight: Stilettos are like your personal red carpet. Show them off at cocktail hours, and watch as the spotlight follows your every step.
  • Sheer Perfection: Slip into sheer black stockings for a touch of elegance. Seams? Seduction. Fishnets? Instant star of your very own fashion show!
  • Lipstick Magic: Transform with a pop of red lipstick. Just don’t go full Rocky Horror – it’s a night out, not an audition!
  • Black Pants Party: Black pants are the LBD’s cool cousin. Invest in a pantsuit for double the fashion fun, but if you’re all about the pants, grab another pair and keep the style game strong.

Autumn Social Occasions

Don’t forget the fall events lineup:

  • Back to Work
  • Fall Weddings
  • State Fair
  • Back to School
  • Tailgate Parties
  • Harvest Time
  • School Meeting
  • Dining Out
  • Art Openings
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinner Parties
  • Halloween
  • Theater
  • Yom Kippur
  • Thanksgiving

In Need of Fall Closet Maintenance? Here’s The Best Tips!

Get ready to slay this fall with style and sass! 💃🍂🕶️

Stay fab, Adrienne Keyser, CEO of AB-FAB Designs (aka your go-to style sorceress)


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