The Best Closet Maintenance Tips for Summer 2023

Invitations for summer parties are rolling in, so you better get your closet in order. Here are The Best Closet Maintenance Tips for Summer 2023.

But First…

It’s been a considerably cool spring for most people in the U.S. (I keep tabs even here in Belize). You may not have done your spring closet maintenance, so here are some helpful tips:

  • Clean, store & bug-proof your winter wools. New to my shop are the perfect moth repellent for you stored garments. HERE
  • Send your furs to cold storage. The cooler temperature during warm weather months will prolong the life of your fur & ensure the hairs don’t curl.

Assess and Survey

  • Pull out white linen & cotton clothing to check for spots or tears. If they are washable and fairly sturdy, hang or spread them in the sun for a few hours of natural bleaching.
  • Check straw hats & bags to see if they need repair or replacing. Have a small tear in your straw items? Try adding a ribbon, bow, feathers or embellishment to cover it.
  • Check your luggage before your summer vacation sneaks up on you.
  • Lighten up your jewelry by pulling out colorful beads, plastics bangles, bold hoops & killer cuffs.
  • Bring out your lightweight scarves to pair with everything!

Summer Checklist by Month

June Checklist

  • Examine your bathing suits & cover-ups for fit & condition. New blog “How to Look Your Best in Your Bathing Suit” coming soon!
  • Check your sandals are still holding up and fashionable?
  • Visit the dry cleaner & tailor before the heat hits and catches you with nothing clean & fresh to wear.
  • Check your social calendar to make sure you have something to wear for each event. Need some help? Check out my blog, “13 Valuable Tips on Dressing for Festive Occasions”. HERE Includes a detailed list & suggestions of what to wear for EVERY event!

July Checklist

  • July is the month of Amazon’s Prime Day. Make sure you find out the exact date of the sale. A few days before add items to your cart so you have time to add or delete items on the day of the sale.
  • This is the time of year to replenish your summer wardrobe with new basics & accessories as most stores are clearing their summer stock. Huge discounts give you more freedom to invest in high-quality bathing suits, easy summer classics, and fun accessories without spending a fortune.
  • Do recon on fall items coming into your favorite stores & vintage shops. Take pics of interested items, including the price. Will it make it onto your fall wish list? Can you find a dupe or wait for a sale?

August Checklist

  • Assess your closet for light weight clothes in dark colors. This will get you through any hot days after Labor Day.
  • Decide what key pieces you want to invest in to update your fall wardrobe.
  • Check in with your favorite stores to see if they still have your item(s) from July in your size. Do they have updated sale information?

Renew and Replace

You thought about what you need, you got rid of what you didn’t need – now it’s time to fill in the holes. Does this mean shopping or rethinking?

Summer Basics Checklist (alphabetical):

  • Capri pants
  • Carry all bag
  • Cotton sweater
  • Cotton T-shirt
  • Evening wrap
  • Hoop earrings
  • Sandals
  • Sundresses
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hats
  • Swimsuit & coverup
  • White cotton shorts

Still Need Help?

Click HERE to schedule a virtual closet assessment!


Pearls were all over the S/S 2023 runways. Pearls add light & a glow to the face when worn at the ears or neck. Here’s how to care for your prized pearls:

  • If they look dingy, wash them gently by hand with a mild dish liquid.
  • Inspect the knots to see if any are frayed.
    If so, see a jeweler about having them re-strung.
  • Pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry.
    The surface of a pearl is soft and easily scratched by other gems.
    A silk bag, velvet-lined box or pearl folder (a satin-lined, leatherette, envelope with snaps to hold a strand of pearls in place) are all good ways to store pearls.


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