Revolutionary Year; Get Out & Vote

It’s a Revolutionary Year, Get Out & Vote. Why We Are Voting?! March on Washington 2020.

I watched with the 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington 8-28-20. I took photos & purposefully waited until I voted to create a video. Wanted to remind those that have yet to vote to REMEMBER WHY WE ARE VOTING

And say, It’s a Revolutionary Year, Get Out & Vote!!!!!

The words that still echo in my mind from the powerful speeches of the families that have been effected from the police brutality on African Americans in America are






Although we are currently (November 2020) in the COVID-19 global pandemic, the passionate activist Reverend Al Sharpton fought hard to make sure this historical event took place.

Also he knew the importance of getting African Americans out to vote in the 2020 Presidential Elections and sacrificed his own health to make sure the families of victims were heard!

Talk Walk and Listen

As an African American mother of a biracial son, it is imperative for me to know my son’s future is protected. In fact, I hope he NEVER has to experience a school shooting, an unsolicited traffic stop from the police or have to go the funeral of his friends.

This summer I took my 8 year old son to a march in Gaithersburg, MD called Talk Walk and Listen. This march was a platform for African American youth to explain to government officials what needs to change for them to feel safe in 2020+ America.

Even though it was lightly attended, I felt it important for my biracial son to understand what battle he may face in the future in America! I waited until today to post as it’s the last days to vote.

SO Let’s show the African American youth we hear their needs. Get out and VOTE!

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