YouTube Addiction!!

I am going to start a new series on my blog of my favorite YouTube make up gurus. I decided to do this series because although I have been doing make-up for over 10 years I have learned so many great tips and ideas that I feel it is my duty to share these channels with my fellow make-up artist friends as well as anyone else that is into the beauty industry. Not only do these talented artists show you step by step how to recreate day, evening, wedding, celebrity, holiday and runway looks but they also do reviews on their favorite products and tools.
The Channel: Make-Up by Ren Ren
I have been a YouTube subscriber for a few years now and what got me completely addicted was this incredible make-up artist named Ren from Atlanta. When I first started watching Make-up by Ren Ren ( ) I learned so much about over the top eyeshadow looks as well as the proper technique of blending bright colored eyeshadows.
How I Got Hooked:
The first look that I recreated was a tiger eye look with orange and brown shadows. For anyone that has ever tried to blend those 2 colors and keep the look wearable knows it is no easy feat. I was able to rock the tiger eye look to my corporate job (Ren is also a corporate girl by day and fierce make-up artist by night) and people loved it.
I watched a few more of Ren’s videos that day and because she made everything seem so simple I immediately subscribed to her channel and became a YouTube addict. THANKS REN!!
Why I Still Watch:
Over the years Ren has concentrated more on natural looks that are more daytime wearable but I continue to watch her channel because of her make-up and beauty product hauls. Hauls are when a guru purchases new products or are sent products from a manufacturer to review on their channel. Many gurus detest the word haul but no one has come up with a better one.
Whenever Ren suggests a new product I want to run out and purchase it which I am sure is true for her hundreds of followers. For example about 2 years ago Ren did a review on the Seya Train case that she purchased at If you are a make-up artist looking for a new train case check out Ren’s video where she discusses why she loves the Seya train case and shows all of the amazing features it has. Keep in mind the video is about 2 years old so it may take some effort to find.
BONUS: I totally love the intro to her channel and at the end of each tutorial she shows photos of the look and always does one with a crazy gangster face, too funny!!
The Channel: Panacea 81
How I Got Hooked:

I watched a few of her videos and instantly feel in love with her accent and long gorgeous brown hair. Because Lauren was new to the game and decided to learn through trial and error it endeared me to her and I knew that I would also learn new tips through Lauren’s efforts.

Her looks are always amazingly creative and easy to recreate. She loves doing celebrity looks and during the season she does great Halloween looks.
Why I Still Watch:

Over the years Lauren’s skills have definitely improved and soon after she started broadcasting her channel took off and her career skyrocketed. She now has her own make-up line which debuted in New York and sold in US Sephora stores a few years ago. Her newest venture is her make-up brush line which can be purchased through her website ( I hope to purchase the new brush set soon so that I can do a review on them.

I hope to one day follow in Lauren’s career footsteps because she is really making a name for herself. YOU GO LAUREN!

BONUS: At the end of each tutorial Lauren smiles and says, “Zoom zoom” which is then followed by photos of the look she just created.

This is just the first installment of this series on my favorite make-up gurus. I hope you all will check out these YouTube channels and come back to my blog for more.

Stay Fabulous!!

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