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Here is part 2 of the YouTube make-up guru blog series. I decided to do this series because although I have been doing make-up for over 10 years I have learned so many great tips and ideas that I feel it is my duty to share these channels with my fellow make-up artist friends as well as anyone else that is into the beauty industry. Not only do these talented artists show you step by step how to recreate day, evening, wedding, celebrity, holiday and runway looks but they also do reviews on their favorite products and tools. 

The Channel: The Queen of Blending MUA

 The third channel that I subscribed to was to Lauren’s channel aka The Queen of Blending MUA. A total California girl and young mother ( Lauren reminds me a bit of myself in that she seems like a girl that never leaves home without at least doing her brows, a coat of mascara and some gloss. A true girly girl diva, I LOVE IT!! 

How I Got Hooked: 

At the time that I subscribed to The Queen of Blending MUA’s channel I was newly hooked on YouTube and was searching for new channels to subscribe to. I came across a thumbnail photo that was so outrageous that I had to watch the video. This beautiful, sweet girl proceeded to slap on (and I do mean SLAP ON) make-up in the most shocking manner; she had lipstick and eyeshadow everywhere. It was all just a put on but she kept such a straight face throughout the entire video that anyone that didn’t know better would have thought she was deranged. I however, was intrigued. (It has been a few years so I was unable to find the video but here is a Holiday spoof video ((so befitting for this time of the year)):

I laughed so hard through that first video that I had to watch a few more and what I discovered is the girl has mad skills.

Why I Still Watch:

What I love most about Lauren is that she shares my love of tranny lashes (like drag queens wear), and colorful simplistic looks. I also love that some of her favorite make-up and tools that she’s loving right now can be found at your local Wal-Mart, Target or CVS. For example her favorites of the moment are an eyeshadow brush by Sonia Kashuk (Target) and eyeshadow palette is by Wet and Wild.

She does great haul videos as well showing the latest and greatest from IMATS (International Make-up Artists Trade Show – and other events. Through “The Queen” I have learned about brands like Inglot (, Sugar Pill ( and am convinced that she was the first guru I saw using the OCC Lip Tars (

Over the years Lauren “The Queen” has stayed true to what she loves and she has even incorporated a few nail art videos to her channel. Being a fellow make-up and nail artist I love this channel because I learn new techniques in both arenas.

The Channel: Make-Up by Risa

 How I Got Hooked:

 At this point I was a full on YouTube junkie. I would watch tons of make-up videos to see who I would subscribe to next. Sometimes I would stay up all night researching and watching videos.

There were many – many candidates out there but I clicked my next subscribe button on an amazing artist that has not posted a video in quite some time: Make-Up by Risa (  

 Risa used to work for MAC and has been blessed to do make-up at NY Fashion Week as well as other fashion and trade shows. I noticed on her blog today ( that she is working on getting her channel up and running again. I will continue to try to follow Risa to see if she has a new channel that she is uploading her videos to, so stay tuned. I am sure someone with that level of talent is still doing make-up but may no longer have the time to do videos. COME BACK RISA WE MISS YOU!!

For now Risa’s channel is still up and I highly recommend you check out her archives because her work is incredible.

The Channel: Goldie Starling

Over time I found a few more gurus here and there but when I saw Angie aka Goldie Starling’s channel I knew I had found an artist that would teach me more than any other ( You see in addition to the standard haul and tutorial videos Angie creates looks (not as much lately) to enter contests on other gurus’ channels.  She really goes above and beyond in order to win. I will never forget the time she created Van Gogh’s Starry Night on her face. It is so cool that I am adding the link to it here:  (

 How I Got Hooked:

I am really bummed that so much was going on in my life during Halloween this year because I wrote an amazing blog about my favorite Halloween gurus to which Angie is my hands down favorite. That is really how I got hooked on her channel years ago. It was Halloween time and Angie puts out more Halloween inspired videos than any of the other gurus I subscribe to.

This year she did everything from a reverse sugar skull (you can really see her detail work in this video: to a ½ rotted face using liquid latex and tissue paper. AMAZBALLZ!!

Why I Still Watch:

This year Angie revealed something that I did not know about her, she is a cake decorator in her “real” life. It all makes since now because occasionally she will do incredibly small and detailed work on her face just like decorating a cake. (See this year’s reverse sugar skull video – link is above)

I also enjoy watching Angie because she is not only stunningly beautiful but she is hilarious, sweet and the all important adjective, talented.

These are just 3 of the make-up gurus that I am featuring today, more to come.

Stay Fabulous!!

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