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Magic for Humans Season 3 Netflix (2020)


Why isn’t this show trending on Netflix people?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Magic for Susans, Trick Questions, Spoiler Alerts and Close-Up Magic (*boop) is some of the fun Justin Willman brings to the 3rd season of Magic for Humans. When I saw the thumbnail on Netflix for Season 3, I stopped everything to binge the entire season. Justin brings even more jaw dropping tricks this season and performs a trick on his mom that will bring you completely to tears! With all that is going on right now it may be quite some time before Justin brings us a 4th season but I hope Netflix will keep him in the rotation when TV filming resumes.

5-stars for the laughter, amazement and overall joy this show brings me. Already re-watched each season and episode 5 times over!!

Basic vs. Baller – Travel at Any Cost
Hulu or TasteMade (2017)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Not knowing when I will be able to travel again, I came across this travel show on Hulu and was happy I did. Alex and Marco Vagabrother go from Laos to Lyon to Austin, showing how to travel in luxury or be a global basic bitch. As a mega foodie I enjoyed seeing the amazing cuisine both high and low-end of each location. The brothers are really fun to watch and teach you a lot about the destination they are in. In 2018 they moved their hijinks to YouTube TV and TasteMade, so will have to settle for what Vagabond shows I can find on my YouTube Premium.

3-star rating since there is only 1 season.

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