Fashion Show Styling

Alexander McQueen Paris May 2019

1-hour consultation


Product Description

With more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, AB-FAB Designs is more than qualified to style your next fashion show.

Working with Washington, DC's fashion elite and global brands, we can make your next fashion show spectacular & enhance your vision!

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During our fashion show styling consultation, we discuss your vision and how AB-FAB Designs can assist in making the best fashion decisions for you.

Fashion Show Styling Services Include:

  • 2 60-minute sessions AND complete shopping support for your show

  • FULL Day-Of Support - WE ARE YOUR STYLE TEAM for your fashion show!

  • I will help determine what your "style" is for the fashion show and what colors will work the best

  • I will go shopping with you to complete each look (virtually or in person depending on locale)
  • We will put everything together and make sure you satisfied with overall vision of the show

If Needed:

  • Attend vendor events for the latest trends & styles
  • Research eras of fashion to design a period-appropriate aesthetic

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*AB-FAB Designs team is fully vaccinated & observes ALL CDC COVID-19 social distancing guidelines

Looking forward to working with you!